Marie Rivoire

As a teacher-trainer and an EFL teacher, I have met hundreds of foreign-language teachers, but also many colleagues who teach other subjects, and I have been able to share my passion for teaching and pedagogy with them, while always keeping them abreast of the results of my never-ending research.

Tirelessly searching for ways of making myself a better teacher, I was finally able to put together a system that works from both the teacher’s and the students’ points of view.

This system of classroom management and teaching can be easily adapted to any teacher’s classroom because it is not a set model. On the contrary, it gives teachers keys to unlock their creativity (and their students’ creativity, as well) in ways they never would have thought possible.

The method can be used regardless of the textbook that teachers are using.

It can be used in many subject matters and many colleagues are already using it in:

  • Elementary education
  • Secondary education, mainly middle schools
  • Vocational schools